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Greater Miami Jewish Federation

The Greater Miami Jewish Federation is partnered with to provide a platform for its Members and Supporters to capture their family heritage through positive remembrance and sharing of stories and pictures, and connecting community. provides GMJF with an interactive and religiously significant community to share and engage with other family members and friends to honor and commemorate loved ones. The service is designed to connect, maintain, build and perpetuate our families through story telling for current and future generations.

The National Jewish Memorial Wall honors those commemorated upon Yahrzeit and Yitzkor dates and also provides complimentary electronic Yahrzeit Reminders.

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Plaque and Memory Page: Honor and celebrate family by sharing stories, pictures and engaging in positive remembrance

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Set Complimentary Electronic Yahrzeit Reminders: Let us help you remember the English or Hebrew dates for the Yahrzeit of your loved ones by sending you a free electronic reminder. You can also set the reminder for family and friends.

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