Commemorate and memorialize your loved ones in Israel by dedicating a Plaque on the National Jewish Memorial Wall. This is a meaningful and traditional way to create a permanent physical connection to Israel.

National Jewish Memorial Wall, Israel

It has been a hallowed tradition throughout the ages to commemorate the Yahrzeit of a loved one by keeping their memory alive in our hearts. Walls of remembrance provide a powerful way of commemorating deceased family members.

The National Jewish Memorial Wall is located* just north of Tel Aviv within the symbolic and meaningful Mosenson Youth Village on the Alexander Muss High School campus in Israel. Commemorating loved ones on the National Jewish Memorial Wall is a way to bridge generations. The schools devotion and connection to history of Israel is also deeply connected to perpetuating individual family legacies, while learning about religion and culture.

*The wall is currently in development and we are now accepting dedications.

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Plaque Dedications Include:

Each plaque dedication includes a permanent inscription etched on the Wall and a Plaque and Memory Page at, honoring, commemorating and observing Yarhzeit and Yitzkor dates.

  • English Name
  • Hebrew Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Passing
  • Hebrew Date of Passing
  • City of Birth or Residence
  • Plaque and Memory Page online at
  • Yahrzeit & Yitzkor commemoration and observance on
  • Email Yahrzeit Reminder from

Plaque Dedication Cost:

  • $375 First Plaque Dedication
  • $300 for each additional dedication

Make a Plaque Dedication on the National Jewish Memorial Wall in Israel today! 
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About the Alexander Muss High School in Israel, Hod HaSharon Campus

Alexander Muss High School in Israel is the premier academic Israel experience for  teens to strengthen their understanding of Israel's unique history, land, people and culture.

  • The Hod Hasharon campus is located in the heart of the Mosonson Youth Village
  • Just 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv and 1 hour from Jerusalem
  • The Mossensohn Youth Village is a youth village in Hod HaSharon, Israel
  • This Village serves as a home for over 800 Israeli and international students who live and study on the Mosonson campus.
  • The Mosenson youth village was established in 1941 with the goal of providing a home for Jewish youngsters escaping from the Holocaust, and seeking a refuge in the soon to be Jewish homeland. 
  • The campus is located in a lovely and secure neighborhood, within walking distance from cafés, restaurants, and shops of all varieties.



The Mission of AMHSI is to promote, build and strengthen lifelong bonds between youth and Israel through study of the history and culture of the people of Israel.

In 1972, the High School in Israel was created by Rabbi Morris (Z"L) and Lenore Kipper, together with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. The school revolutionized experiential education, and in particular, the way history was taught and the way Israel was experienced, by providing a historically chronological exploration of the land, through the study of historic events, places and people.

  • It also runs special programs for Jewish high school students from overseas, under the name Alexander Muss High School.
  • Founded to capitalize on the enormous educational benefits of engaging high school students in the study of the history and culture of Israel.
  • AMHSI’s innovative program is recognized today throughout the US and abroad for providing the ultimate in quality Israel educational programming.



Kfar HaNoar Mosenson 
Mosenson Youth Village
9 Aliyat HaNoar Street, Hod HaSharon, 45102, Israel

If you'd like information about visiting the National Jewish Memorial Wall, Israel, please contact us at 877.788.6569.



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Adding a Plaque on (National Jewish Memorial Wall) is a symbolic and meaningful way to commemorate loved ones.

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Planting a Tree in Israel through Jewish National Fund (JNF) and National Jewish Memorial Wall ( is an appropriate and time honored tradition to honor the memory of someone special and your loved ones.

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