We believe in the power of stories, family and culture. Storytelling is universally understood and time tested. There is no better way to strengthen a family bond and ensure your family’s legacy than to build and maintain your very own Family Wall to tell the stories of those that came before you. To share about family customs, culture, history, holiday gatherings, recipes, childhood memories, vacations, achievements, pictures, and whatever stories makes your family unique.

NJMW is a memory sharing platform dedicated to honoring, commemorating, and engaging family and friends through the sharing of stories, pictures, memories and more. We are the place to store all your pictures that are tucked away in drawers, under the bed or in storage bins and tell the stories that go with them so that the entire family and close friends can see, comment, and share stories about those in the pictures enriching each of your lives. Jewish traditions are incorporated to honor and commemorate the Yahrzeit and Yitzkor dates together with your shared memories.

We are passionate that the sharing of stories keeps memories going from generation to generation and created NJMW so you can maintain strong connections with family.


First and foremost, rituals, respect and compassion are the foundation of NJMW. We understand and take into account that everyone has a unique and personal reason for using NJMW. We use technology and the internet to offer modern ways to preserve memories and honor centuries-old traditions of commemoration. Every facet of our memory sharing platform is treated with awareness and understanding of the personal and highly sensitive information shared.

NJMW is a place to share, honor and commemorate. We provide a memory sharing platform that can be used as you see fit, in particular for positive remembrance and commemoration. Each Memory Page comes with a set of suggested and custom fields for you to fill out as you get comfortable sharing memories you hold dear.


The Jewish religion and culture is filled with rich traditions and customs many of which are passed on to future generations. NJMW.org helps ensure that Judaism remains relevant in our modern world. We use technology to let families remain connected and preserve family legacy.