How It Works

We bring modern methods to traditional Jewish rituals. There are many ways to memorialize and commemorate departed loved ones, but none more common than receiving a Yahrzeit Reminder and adding a bronze 'Name Plaque' on a wall to inscribe your loved ones name in the book of life.

Now in just minutes you can create a 'Name Plaque' on the National Jewish Memorial Wall accessible from anywhere.

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Name plaques are a time-honored tradition that helps you perpetuate the memory of your loved ones. We have created two different ways for our users to carry on this tradition, both through our National Jewish Memorial Wall in Israel, as well as with an Online Plaque at



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On Yahreit and Yitzkor dates, the names of loved ones are commemorated. Yahrzeit Reminders help you carry on traditions and remember these days! Here you can sign up and receive complimentary Yahrzeit (anniversary of death) Reminders; an easy way to remember the English and Hebrew Yahrzeit dates of your loved ones. 

Note: A few days prior to the Yahrzeit you will receive an email reminder, along with a copy of the Mourner's Kaddish to honor loved ones. The Yahrzeit Reminder helps make sure you never forget the days of extra reflection.



Uploading pictures & stories
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Each Plaque comes with a Memory Page so you can upload unlimited pictures and preserve your memories in a single place online for family and friends to treasure. It is a safe and centralized location online for all of your photos. 

Note: You can document, share and engage with family and friends about loved ones to more easily preserve memories.


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