What is a Memory Page?

Every purchase of a plaque, whether on the National Jewish Memorial Wall in Israel or online at NJMW.org, includes a Memory Page free for the first year.

Memory Page Details


  The Memory Page helps family and friends to preserve memories and share stories with one another.
BasicsAdd basic information, such as birthday, place of residence and other family members.
Stories. Begin writing down childhood memories of this person, their life achievements, favorite recipes, hobbies and tell your stories about them and why they were special to you and your family.  
Pictures. The cliche 'a picture is worth a thousand words' rings true, but only if they can be viewed and shared with family.  Preserve the pictures piling up in old albums and in shoeboxes under the bed or tucked away in the corner of a closet somewhere. Upload pictures to connect a face with the names and stories and more easily recall your cherished memories. 
Memories. There is never a substitute for personal stories of the individuals that continue to impact and shape the people we are today. By telling your personal experiences and interactions of those you honor and commemorate it will help carry on their legacy, build your family's heritage, inform future generations and protect the memories from fading with time. 
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We encourage you to engage family and friends by sharing your stories and pictures.
Share. We make it easy to share Plaques, Memory Pages and your Family Wall with family and friends. On each page of the site, there is a 'Share' button that you can click to share via Facebook, Twitter or direct email by copying the link and pasting it in the body of the email.
Connect. As you add new stories and photos, family and friends can also contribute personal experiences, expanding the Memory Pages to connect with your family. We believe the power of stories is incredible and amazing to see.
Add Stories & Comments. You can help family and friends enrich each Memory Page by logging in to share stories and post comments to pictures already displayed on the Memory Page. Also, you can Share a Story by posting on a Memory Page. 


As you build individual Plaques and Memory Pages you will be begin to link those individuals who are important to you, have significant influence in who you are, and play a key role in shaping your family and the close friends you keep.  By telling stories, sharing photos and memories, in a Family Centric way, you and future generations will be able to see the reasons for certain unique bonds and the overall dynamic and rich family heritage more clearly.  Your Plaques and Memory Pages make up your ‘Family Wall’ which are centralized in your account dashboard and can be shared for family and friends to see. 
It begins by creating one Plaque and Memory Page. The tradition and custom of honoring the name and memories of family and friends is the foundation for building a Family Wall at NJMW. The initial Plaque can be used as the cornerstone. As you create additional Plaques and Memory Pages your Family Wall will grow and the compilation of stories, photographs and cherished memories in one location will be essential for documenting, recording and preserving personal family heritage for future generations.
Ways you can expand your Family Wall. There are several features included on each Memory Page, which are available so you can enrich each Plaque by adding stories, photographs and memories.  You are encouraged to call, email and even gather with family and friends to expand stories. If you share thoughts and memories by writing a few lines this may help bring to the surface memories that others will expand upon.

We take your privacy seriously and understand you may only want to share certain Memories with designated family and friends. You can change your privacy level for each Memory Page you create.

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Where and why does Judaism play a role in NJMW.  Religious beliefs, spirituality, customs and Jewish traditions encourage and strengthen family ties, community and heritage. The NJMW memory sharing platform includes core features to help perpetuate and strengthen family bonds by sharing stories and photographs to build on your family’s history and rich traditions. 
NJMW Plaques are the online companion of physical Plaques inscribed on the Temple Yahrzeit Wall or an Wall of Eternal Life. They represent commemoration of your loved and are lit annually during Yahrzeit and Yizkor dates.  When standing in front of physical Plaques, we reflect upon those we love.  NJMW’s memory sharing platform lets you tell the stories, show the pictures and share about  these individuals. We also commemorate on the Yahrzeit and Yitzkor dates, and now you can reach beyond the walls of the Temple to reflect whenever and wherever you want. Create a deep and lasting connection with family across the globe. Individuals commemorated represent a parent and grandparent connecting siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and more that can now all collaborate to create the rich history making up your family.
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Sample Plaque
Sample Plaque

How to take old photographs, make them digital and add them on your Memory Pages.  It can be as easy as clicking upload and selecting the digital picture from your photos on your computer or from your phone. We know many older photographs are not digital, so here are a few simple ways to digitize the photographs:
  • You can take a picture with your iPhone or other smart phone device, and then upload.
  • If you would like to digitize all your pictures at once, here are a couple options to help:


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