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Bring your personal stories, experiences, and family memories to a single place for sharing and meaningful exchanges with those you love. By creating an online plaque at, you can tell your stories and keep memories for future generations to learn and grow from.

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Plaque & 1 Year Memory Page Plan $18
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Memory Page Plan
$18 Perpetual
Memory Page Plan

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Starting your Plaque is easy. A few easy steps, in just a few minutes.
  1. Fill in the information on the left to create a Plaque.
  2. Get started on your Memory Page by adding basic information.
  3. Enhance the Memory Page with unlimited stories, memories, pictures, and more.
  4. Share with family and friends so they can enrich this family conversation.

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Included with your Plaque Purchase
  • Plaques will always remain on the wall
  • Plaque and Memory Page creation and posting to wall
  • Hebrew Name Display
  • Hebrew Date Conversion
  • Yahrzeit and Yizkor Plaque Lighting
  • Privacy Controls
  • Simple setup and management
  • Privacy Controls
  • One year Memory Page Plan
Memory Page Plans
  • Posting of unlimited stories, memories, and pictures to Memory Page.
  • Access to view, edit, and engage with Family through the Memory Page.
  • Ability to share with family and friends
  • Access to all site updates and enhancements